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Common Core Title

Resources for Leadership

The following resources will assist instructional leaders in the work of planning and carrying out the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.

What administrators can do now:

With teachers at your site, begin to review and understand how the new standards are similar to and  different from California’s 1997 content standards

In English Language Arts/Literacy:

Immediate considerations for English language arts (ELA) instruction:

♦  Clarify the implications for teaching more informational text and determine common strategies for implementation across the grade levels

♦  Incorporate into instruction more text-dependent questions that require students to read a text closely to determine what it says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it

♦  Have students read more non-fiction and complex texts

♦  Focus writing instruction substantially on writing to inform and structure an argument, not only writing stories

In Mathematics:

Immediate considerations for mathematics instruction: 

♦  Discuss the mathematical practices and discuss what evidence of student demonstrations of these practices might inform your instructional designs and activities

♦  Focus instruction more on the the few key topics emphasized in each grade in the standards

♦  Emphasize problem-solving and real-world application

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CA CCSS: ELA & Literacy

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CA CCSS: Mathematics

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