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Access and How-To's

Access and How-To's


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           Practice Tests

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Quick Reference How-To's 

Support & Reference Materials

         Data Coaching Resources  

Apply Reports Powerpoint (NWEA PD)

Applying Reports Workbook  (used in PD)

Quick Reference Guide

NWEA-MAP Reports Portfolio 

NWEA-MAP Applied Reports Teach Back form

Resources for Applied Reports 

Comparative Data to Inform Instruction

Applying Reports Data to Instruction Framework

Parent Guide

CCSS Reference Chart

CCSS Math 2/5 to Math 6+ Recommendations

College Readiness Benchmark Study


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Login to administer tests, gain access to MAP reports.

Destination Login

Destination PD

Login to access training materials for all roles.  


Getting Started with NWEA-MAP Padlet

Rollout materials, including powerpoints, with links to Destination PD.  Access code:  MAP2016

Proctor Guide

Proctor Guide 

NEW resource to help teachers with setting up test sessions, troubleshooting make-ups, etc.


VIDEO - INTRODUCTION              

Testing Overview


Testing Overview - 2 min                                                                  


Testing Demonstration
Testing Demonstration - 4 min
Proctor Practice Proctor Practice - interactive video


VIDEO - TESTING              

Set Up Sessions


Set Up Testing Session - 2 min                                                         

Interrupt and Continue Interrupt & Continue Testing - 4 min
Make Up Testing Make-Up Testing - 2 min


VIDEO - REPORTS             

Status and Growth


Achievement Status                                                                        

Class Class
Class Breakdown Class Breakdown
Learning Continuum
Learning Continuum


Support Documents

2020 Normative Study Overview

Includes Student Status Norms (SSN) and Student Growth Norms (SGN) for Reading & Mathematics.  The SSNs provide "markers" of average grade-level score expectations for beginning, mid, and end of year administrations.  The SGNs provide expected levels of growth related to the SSN.