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Quick Reference How-To's for Testing

Support & Reference Materials

          Data Coaching Resources 

Rollout Powerpoint (Intro for Staff)

Apply Reports Powerpoint (NWEA PD)

Applying Reports Workbook  (used in PD)

Quick Reference Guide

NWEA-MAP Reports Portfolio 

NWEA-MAP Applied Reports Teach Back form

Resources for Applied Reports 

Comparative Data to Inform Instruction

Applying Reports Data to Instruction Framework

Parent Guide

CCSS Reference Chart

CCSS Math 2/5 to Math 6+ Recommendations

College Readiness Benchmark Study


Click on Icon

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Login to administer tests, gain access to MAP reports.

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Destination PD

Login to access training materials for all roles.  

Getting Started with NWEA-MAP Padlet

Rollout materials, including powerpoints, with links to Destination PD.  Access code:  MAP2016


Proctor Guide 

NEW resource to help teachers with setting up test sessions, troubleshooting make-ups, etc.


VIDEO - INTRODUCTION              


Testing Overview - 2 min                                                                  


Testing Demonstration - 4 min
Proctor Practice - interactive video


VIDEO - TESTING              


Set Up Testing Session - 2 min                                                         

Interrupt & Continue Testing - 4 min
Make-Up Testing - 2 min


VIDEO - REPORTS             


Achievement Status                                                                        

Class Breakdown

Learning Continuum


Support Documents

Normative Study

Includes Student Status Norms (SSN) and Student Growth Norms (SGN) for Reading & Mathematics.  The SSNs provide "markers" of average grade-level score expectations for beginning, mid, and end of year administrations.  The SGNs provide expected levels of growth related to the SSN.  

Classroom Resources