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Kristi Carrillo ext. 2550
Benefits Analyst

Lauren Adcock ext. 2350
Manager, Payroll and Benefits


General Information

Benefits Department Contact Information

Phone: (831) 786-2317 | Fax: (831) 728-6996 |

Try our new Benefits Tool! “My Plan choice,” is designed to  assist employees in making knowledgeable decisions regarding their Medical benefits plans. Just click on the flyer down below to try out this new benefits tool.

Inspire Covid test

The Explanation of Benefits is not a Bill. When you register for inspire and the insurance information was added, Inspire must do something with that information and notify the carrier that a COVID test was performed. That will then trigger the Insurance company to send an Explanation of Benefits to the employees.  Your insurance will not follow that with an actual bill so if you do receive that please let the Benefits Department know. We are not sure how to make it stop other than possibly speaking to Inspire and remove the insurance information or re-register without the insurance information.  If you have any questions or concerns please let the Benefits Department know.