Measure L Bond Information

Measure L Bond Information


Providing Safe and Up-To-Date Classrooms for Our Students:

Measure L - Pajaro Valley Unified School Bond November 2012

Fostering a Safe and Successful Learning Environment for all PVUSD Students

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New Play Structures

New Track at CCMS

Completed Water Tank AHS

Installation Classroom Safety Locks

New Carpeting at 11 School Sites 




 In 2012, community members of Pajaro Valley provided overwhelming support (nearly 70 percent of voters approved ) of Measure L, a local education bond that ensures every student in PVUSD has access to new technologies and upgraded facilities that support a 21st century education.

 Measure L provides $150 million of local community funding that goes directly to improvements and renovations of our local schools.

 These much needed upgrades have already begun to provide long-term solutions to our schools.


 Your Measure L funding makes a difference for students NOW and in the future.

 In less than six months, PVUSD has begun the following upgrades and renovations:

  • Installation of a new water tank, new bleachers and upgrades to Freedom Field at Aptos High School
  • Installation of a new well at Renaissance High School

 Over the next six months the following upgrades will take place:

  • Installation of new playground equipment will take place at the following schools: Bradley Elementary, Hall District Elementary, MacQuiddy Elementary, Ohlone Elementary, Amesti Elementary, Calabasas Elementary, Freedom Elementary, H.A. Hyde Elementary, Starlight Elementary, and Radcliff Elementary.

 Over the next five years, Measure L will guarantee students have:

  • Upgraded classrooms, libraries, science labs and computer systems to attract high-qualified teachers and keep pace with technology for 21st century skills.
  • Improved lighting, fire-detection, alarms, emergency communication and security systems and electrical systems that provide a safer learning environment for students.
  • Stable learning environments by making necessary repairs to heating, ventilation, air conditioning and valuable energy upgrades.
  • Additional state matched funding otherwise not available without the local support needed to renovate and upgrade PVUSD facilities.

 In addition, Measure L funding:

  • Stays exclusively in our community and cannot be taken away by the State or used for administrative salaries, benefits or pension.
  • Improves academic instruction in core subjects like reading, writing, math, science and technology.
  • Ensures all students have access to comparable academic and extracurricular facilities.
  • Saves PVUSD money with energy upgrades that reduce utility bills and provide funding matched by the state on many important renovation and improvement projects.

Fiscal Accountability Will Ensure Funds Are Spent Only On Voter-Approved Projects

  • Every penny from Measure L will benefit local schools and be locally-controlled—the state can’t take away any funds
  • Measure L will qualify our schools for millions of dollars in state matching funds that would otherwise go to other communities
  • No funds can be used for salaries, benefits or pensions for administrators, teachers or any school employees
  • Independent citizens’ oversight and annual audits will ensure funds are spent as promised

Measure L is a locally supported and driven effort, governed by a Citizens Oversight Committee that meets regularly.