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Curriculum and Innovation Coaches

Who are we?

PVUSD curriculum and innovation coaches are full-time teachers who work with teachers and students to support instruction and implement curriculum.

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Data and Accountability

TBD  x2548

Migrant Ed.

Patricia Unruhe x4033

ELD/ Language Arts

Emily Friedman, Elementary  x2566

Kelli Crawshaw, Elementary  x2884

Megan Dolan, Elementary  x2404

Bobbi Domingos, Secondary  x2573

Lynette Galindo, Secondary  x2569

Kristen Erickson, Secondary  x2588


Kelly Marquez, Elementary   x2586

Rachel Sattinger, Elementary  x2401

Jaira Figueroa Avila, Secondary  x2899

Catherine Hoyt, Secondary  



Jessica Brown  x2592

Michael Russo


Miranda Felton,  District Coach x2910

Janette Islas, District Coach  x2916

Kate Freels, District Coach x2915

Marina Maldonado, Ann Soldo/ Radcliff

Kristi Jud, Pajaro Valley High