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Instructional Technology

PVUSD Innovative Teachers Spotlight

Innovative Teachers Spotlight

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PVUSD Student Created Videos

Check out the amazing creative power of using video in the classroom. Students gain valuable technology skills, often collaborating together on planning, filming, editing and publishing their work to a larger audience.

From left to right:

  • HA Hyde: Janie Islas (3rd) PBIS
  • Mintie: Kate Freels (4th) Keep Campus Clean
  • Rio: Pat McMillan (4th) Year Long Student Compilation
  • Mintie: Radhika Kirkman (5th) Playground Rights and Wrongs
  • Ann Soldo: Maria Martinez (5th) Student Independent Project on Photography
  • Mar Vista: Jennifer Walker (6th) Stop Bullying Spoken Word Poetry
  • Mar Vista: Danny Jacobsmeyer (6th) Mar Vista News Episode "Pickleman"
  • AHS: Craig Miller (9-12) AHS Robotics Club Design Process
Student Created Videos

PVUSD Tech Cadre Digital Portfolios

Check out MORE innovative technology-rich lessons from teachers who participated in Technology Service's year-long Technology Cadre program.

Technology Cadre Graduates' Digital Portfolio

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The Technology Services team supports learning through the integration of innovative technology resources to facilitate and promote authentic learning experiences and business functions in our learning community.


All PVUSD schools incorporate cutting edge technology tools to differentiate and personalize instruction, increase academic rigor, and support a positive student-centered learning environment for all. This will help to ensure that PVUSD students are digital learners prepared to use technology in meaningful ways and graduate ready to be successful in college and careers.