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Mary Ann Gomez Scholarship


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Personnel Commission Staff

Pam Shanks, Director

Mary Lou Masters, HR Analyst

Manny Garcia, HR Analyst

Liz Mejia, HR Specialist

Elizabeth Orozco, HR Technician


Classified Personnel Services

The Personnel Commission is an independent body composed of three members each appointed for a three year term.  One is appointed by the Governing Board; one is nominated by the Classified Employees; and the third is appointed by the other two commissioners.

The legal authority is vested in the Commission as a body, and individual commissioners do not have independent authority in making decisions that impact the employees of the district.  The Commission is subject to the provisions of the Brown Act as to conducting business as a public agency.

Personnel Commissioners

Casey O'Brien

Board Appointee - Chairperson

Catharine Griffen

Classified Employees' Appointee - Vice Chairperson

Monik Delfin

Joint Appointee

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