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Additional Dig Cit Week Resources:
Dig Cit Verification Form

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PVUSD Digital Citizenship Verification Form

Internet Safety Resources

October 14th-18th, 2019 is Digital Citizenship week! 

Check out our daily suggested lessons below

Recommended Lessons

Kinder- 2nd Grades:

Fall: Pause and Think Online- How can we we be safe, responsible, and respectful online?

Spring: Media Balance is Important- How do we find a happy balance between our online and offline activities?

3rd-5th Grades:

Fall: Private and Personal InformationWhat information about you is OK to share online?

Spring: Is it Cyberbullying?What is cyberbullying and what can you do to stop it?

6th-8th Grades:

Fall: Digital Drama Unplugged- How can you de-escalate digital drama so it doesn't go too far?

Spring: My Social Media Life- How does social media affect our relationships?

9th-12th grades:

Fall: Curated Lives- How can I create a social media presence that represents the real me?

Spring: Countering Hate Speech Online- How can we counter hate speech online?



Classroom Posters

Video Collection (1-5 minute on specific Digital Citizenship topics)

Game-Based Online Interactive Modules - students can be assigned via a link. Upon successful completion, they receive a badge.

Internet Safety Plan

The Internet Safety Plan is designed to ensure that our students are following safe online practices. Twice a year schools will organize an assembly or class presentations followed by a discussion or writing assignment regarding appropriate online behavior for all grade levels. Technology Liaisons and school leadership will determine the appropriate content and process to best serve the needs of the school site.

Assemblies and classroom presentations educate students to avoid dangerous and inappropriate behavior online, and to make smart decisions while becoming a digital citizen with a focus on the following topics:

1.       Recognizing and reporting inappropriate online behavior

2.       Cyber Bullying

3.       Social Networks

4.       Understanding copyright laws

After providing a lesson digital citizenship, teachers should revisit the discussion with followup questions and/or online resources to continue the conversation with their class.