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Literature Circles and Novel Study

Literacy Circles and Novel Study

Do you remember the first time you lost yourself in a story? It was like learning to ride a bicycle, all of a sudden you were reading and you didn't even know it! The story was pulling you along like the momentum of your balance and the wheels turning.  All the small skills you had been learning came together and you were transported into a magical new world.

Literacy Circles and Novel Study provide students with an opportunity to strengthen their comprehension skills in a joyful and communal setting. They look different in every classroom; they change from teacher to teacher, grade to grade, student to student.  Literature circles have no recipe, they are not a specific "program", and they never look the same from year to year -- or even from day to day.   The reason?  True engagement with literature within a community of learners can't possibly be prescribed -- it can only be described. (

Response to Instruction (RtI) is a perfect venue for digging deeper into a story or non-ficiton piece, providing students with tools and/or roles for a meaningful discussion with their peers. Below you will find a collection of resources that you may find helpful in hooking your students on reading. The first is the HM list of Comprehension Strategies