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GATE Identification



Intellectual Ability:

  • Demonstrate exceptional or accelerated intellectual development:
    Intellectual ability may refer to verbal or nonverbal ability. Each school year, students are tested who are recommended by staff, parents, or test score indicators. The Cognitive Abilities Test (CoGAT)  is preferred because it is a nonverbal educative thinking test. It tests logical and analytical thinking ability. 
  • Specific Academic Ability:
    Consistently exhibit advanced ideas and products and/or score exceptionally high on achievement tests in a specific area.  90th percentile, or two years growth in one year, on the North West Educational Assessment (NWEA), MAPS test.  Another criterion considered for identification is the high exceeds standards on the District Performance Tasks.  This high score may indicate the need for modifications such as grouping with academic peers for greater challenge and extension of the grade level standards.
  • Demonstrate exceptional creative thinking abilities:
    Creative ability will be assessed through creativity checklists, work samples and recommendations. Students in this category may receive an Identification Identification based on the multiple measures.