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Legal Services Costs

District Legal Expenditures

Issue Area                  

Firm                         Services                         10-11 Billing        

11-12     Billing 

12-13 Billing      

District Fund                       

 General  Lozano Smith General, employment, CB, charters $200,000 $182,673 $234,366  General Fund
 Special Ed Fagen, Freidman, Fulfrost Special Ed, IEPs, due process, hearings, etc. $64,575 $93,861 $96,313  General Fund
 Workers Comp  Littler Mendelson Worker comp, hearings, lawsuits, consultation $368,936 $422,716 $92,677  Self-insurance Fund
 Human Resources Dept. of General Services Human Resources Issues $813 None in 2011-12 None in 2012-13  General Fund
 Misc.  Varies Environmental, "out of the blue" None in 2010-11 None in 2011-12 None in 2012-13  General Fund

NOTE:  *Lozano fees have been credited via a pre-payment plan saving the district 10% from prior-year fees

            *Special ed budget includes a GF contribution due to insufficient state and federal special education