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Department - Name & Role


Educational Services

Phone: (831) 786-2400

Lisa Aguerria-Lewis, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum & Instruction

Ext. 2400

Jeannette Castillo, Executive Assistant

Ext. 2403

Wilfrido Zambrano, Administrative Assistant I

Ext. 2567

ELA/ELD Language Arts & Development


History/Social Science


Claudia Monjaras, Director, Language Arts & History/Social Science

Ext. 2565

Emily Friedman, Curriculum Coach, Elementary

Ext. 2566

Megan Dolan, Curriculum Coach, Elementary

Ext. 2404

Kelli Crawshaw, Curriculum Coach, Elementary

Ext. 2884

Bobbi Domingos, Curriculum Coach, Elementary & Secondary Literacy, H/SS

Ext. 2573

Lynette Galindo, Curriculum Coach, Secondary Literacy, H/SS

Ext. 2569

Equity, State & Federal Programs and Accountability


Michael Berman, Director of Equity, State and Fed, English Learner Services

Ext. 2612

Jessica Costa, Accounting Operations Manager

Ext. 2613

Christina Oakden, Administrative Secretary III

Ext. 2611

Stephanie_Pomplun, Coordinator of English Learner & Bilingual Programs

Ext. 2582

Vanessa_Aromin, Data Entry Specialist

Ext. 2576

Erica Cobbs, Data Entry Specialist

Ext. 2574

Urania_Lopez, District Translator

Ext. 2962

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Phone: (831) 786-2144

Stephanie Monroe, Coordinator VAPA & GATE

Ext. 2580

Language Assessment Resource Center (LARC)

Phone: (831) 761-6165

Fax: (831) 761-6021

TBD...Curriculum Coach

(831) 761-6165 Ext. 6747

Natalia Gracida-Cruz, Language Support Liaison

Phone: (831) 761-6165

Registration Specialist

(831) 761-6165 Ext. 6165



Terry Redfern, Director of Mathematics

Ext. 2571

Jaira Figueroa Avila, Curriculum Coach, Secondary

Ext. 2899

TBD...Curriculum Coach, Elementary

Ext. 2401

Kelly Marquez, Curriculum Coach, Elementary

Ext. 2586

Catherine Hoyt, Curriculum Coach, Secondary

Ext. 2547

Migrant Education

Migrant Education Staff Directory

Luis Medina, Director of Migrant Education Program

(831) 786-2150

Parent Education


Ruby Vasquez, Parent Education Trainer, Curriculum Coach

Ext. 2614

Brenda Guzman, Parent Education Specialist

Ext. 2581

TBD...Parent Education Specialist

Ext. 2585

Maria Aguilera, Parent Education Specialist

Ext. 2598

Research, Accountability & Assessment

Program Evaluation

Phone:(831) 786-2194 

Fax: (831) (831) 761-6046

TBD, Coordinator of Assessment, Research, Program Evaluation

Ext. 2577

Delilah Macedo, Assessment Specialist

Ext. 2971

Diana Martinez, Assessment Specialist

Ext. 2970

Rosalva Kajisa, Testing Technician II

Ext. 6745

Jose Anaya, Applications Analyst

Ext. 2906



Michael Russo, Director

Ext. 2973

Jessica Soukoulis, Curriculum Coach

Ext. 2592

Technology Support


Jose Anaya, Applications Analyst

Ext. 2906

Vicente Garcia, District Technology Support Technician - various programs

Ext. 2892

Textbook Warehouse

Phone: (831) 786-2100 ext. 2954

Fax:(831) 786-1317 

Elijah Flores, Textbook Technician

Ext. 2954

Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)


Stephanie Monroe, Coordinator VAPA & GATE

Ext. 2580

Rhia Hurt, TOSA - VAPA

Ext. 2547