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Identification & Recruitment

Recruiters at Plaza
We recruit families at different places, sometimes at the Farmers Market!


  • The child or youth had to have moved within the last 36 months 
  • The child or youth moved in order to obtain agriculture or  work in fishing industry 
  • Eligibility is for 3 years from the date of the last qualifying move 
  • We provide services for children beginning at 3 years of age until high school graduation or until 22 years of age.


The Migrant Program wants your children to succeed

Þ Staying Healthy

Þ Increase Cultural Identity

Þ Bilingualism

Þ English Language Development

Þ Pass the Exit Exam

Þ Graduate from High School

Þ Attend College or University


Migrant Office
294 Green Valley Road
Leonor Osornio Migrant Outreach Coordinator x2669
April Jimenez
April Jimenez Migrant Outreach Specialist x2681
Socorro Maduena
Socorro Maduena Migrant Outreach Specialist x2685
Mary Ellen Galvan
Mary Ellen Galvan Migrant Outreach Specialist x2683
Esmeralda Perez Migrant Outreach Specialist x2665
Gabriel Orejel Migrant Outreach Specialist x2670
Alexis Cruz Migrant Outreach Specialist x2682