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Purchasing Supplies and Equipment

PVUSD Warehouse Stock inventory/Standard Supplies

«STORES CATALOG colored paper

Catalog of Classroom, Paper, Athletic, Custodial & Health Supplies available from the PVUSD Stores Warehouse. These items have been bid out to obtain the best prices available. To order, submit a Requisition in Digital Schools.

CONTACT WAREHOUSE: Mark Healy, Warehouse Lead, Ph: (831) 786-2320, Fx: (831) 722-9532


Classroom and Office Supplies  Contract for Office/Classroom Supplies, Direct Delivery RFP# RA073018


Palace Order Forms are no longer being used: All orders must be entered online at  We know that some of you used these forms "internally".  If you still need that as an option, you can print the favorites list (online) and use this as your "internal order form" if needed.  

Reminder! All Palace Orders must be placed on line now.  No sites should be faxing/emailing their order forms to Joanne. You must enter it for your site online. 

When you print the favorites list each item will default to quantity of 1.  You will either need to white that out and then make copies for your staff, or have them use a bright red pen or something to give you the actual quantities that they want you to order for them.  


How to Print the Favorites List: 

Log on to the shopping website.

On the top toolbar under “Favorites” select “PVUSD Order Form” from the drop down menu.

Once the order form comes up there is a print button on the top right of the form.

Click on print and you can choose to print with images or without.

If you need help with this, please let us know. 


«Palace Website         Link to Palace on-line ordering. Contact Palace to get password.

«About Palace POs    Instructions for Purchase Orders to Palace Art and Office Supplies

«Contact Palace          Palace Art and Office Supplies: Ph (831) 476-3815 or Joanne x321, Fx (831) 713-1821

«Contact Purchasing Contact Purchasing for more information on Palace Orders
                                           Ph: (831) 786-2195, Fx: (831) 728-6922


YOUR GUIDES TO ENTERING REQ'S IN ESCAPE:                                                                 

FULL INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO CREATE A REQ IN ESCAPE                                     

 How to start a requisition in Escape/Copy existing req's   

LINK TO PVUSD ESCAPE PAGE FOR PURCHASING                                                        

ORDERING FROM AMAZON: Information required to place an order from AMAZON



How to enter PO's/Create Amazon orders in Escape



How to enter PO's/Create Lakeshore ONLINE orders in Escape




HOME DEPOT: In order to purchase items on a Home Depot Blanket PO, you must have a copy of the PO in hand, your name must be listed as an authorized user on the PO, and you must have completed the form below 1x to be added as an Authorized Buyer on the PVUSD account.



Technology Equipment, Supplies and Software 


              kid on a keyboard


Includes pricing and templates for approved:
         Computers                         Printers                                       iPads      Chromebooks
         Document Cameras         Headphones, Headsets           Carts        Surface Pro's


«Apple Computer K-12 Price List  Apple for Education k-12 Price List - see Technology Cost Calculator for current standards

«B&H Photo/Video        B & H Photo Video PEPPM Contract Website


COPIER PRICING Copier Service and Equipment Bid# 20NJPA13054 RA092520 083116-KON

 CONTACT PURCHASING Contact Purchasing for a list of current technology pricing:
                                         Ph: (831) 786-2195, Fx: (831) 728-6922


Other Standard Equipment


CONTACT PURCHASING  Contact Purchasing for standard specifications and pricing for furniture, vehicles, playground equipment, storage containers, etc.

Richard Arellano, Purchasing Director, Ph: (831) 786-2195, Fx: (831) 728-6922

Still can't find what you are looking for?

Other Purchasing Resources  

Sites and Departments are encouraged to suggest vendors and get quotes for non-standard products. Purchasing Services will consider these suggestions when processing your requisition, but may change vendors if it is to the District’s benefit.
You may use one of the following websites or catalogs to get pricing for non-standard products. If you use a vendor not listed, please make sure that they accept Purchase Orders prior to creating your Requisition in Digital Schools. Include the vendor name and a complete description (make, model, mfg#, color etc...) of product on your Requisition. Purchasing Services may send a Request For Quote (RFQ) out to a variety of vendors (including those not on this list) to get the best pricing.


Catalog Discounts

Vendors who participate in our Catalog Discount RFQ and the discount that PVUSD receives off their catalog prices



Business Card FORM


CONTACT PURCHASING Contact Purchasing for more information on products and pricing
                                       Ph: (831) 786-2195, Fx: (831) 728-6922