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In an effort to remain connected to the sites and have frequent interaction, Dr. Rodriguez holds CWS each Wednesday with different staff during modified day.

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Aprenda sobre las iniciativas que actualmente impactan el logro estudiantil.  


2020 State of the District Report 

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Equity Educational Audit Report

The information presented will be used to guide the PVUSD collaborative blueprint process which will be conducted over the next 5 months. The blueprint process will develop a plan to improve systems, practice and policies in PVUSD which will support reaching our goal of all students being college and career ready. 

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la información presentada se usará para guiar el proceso de proyecto colaborativo de PVUSD que se llevará a cabo durante los próximos 5 meses. El proceso de diseño del plan desarrollará un plan para mejorar los sistemas, la práctica y las políticas en PVUSD, lo cual apoyará el logro de nuestro objetivo de que todos los estudiantes estén preparados para la universidad y la carrera.

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Welcome to PVUSD

Throughout the pandemic, PVUSD is required to and has followed all guidelines provided to us through both CalOSHA and CDPH.  At this time, both entities require all staff to wear face coverings on PK-12 facilities while indoors and when students are in session regardless of vaccination status.  More information on the revised COVID-19 Prevention Emergency Temporary Standards can be found in Cal/OSHA's Frequently Asked Questions.
A lo largo de la pandemia, PVUSD está obligado a y ha seguido todas las pautas que se nos proporcionan a través de CalOSHA y CDPH.  En este momento, ambas entidades requieren que todo el personal use cubiertas faciales en las instalaciones de PK-12 mientras están en el interior y cuando los estudiantes están en sesión, independientemente del estado de vacunación.  Puede encontrar más información sobre las Normas temporales de emergencia de prevención de COVID-19 revisadas en las Preguntas frecuentes de Cal/OSHA.


DR. michelle Rodriguez, Superintendent of Schools 

September 1, 2021  Dr Rodriguez

To the PVUSD Educational Community,

The death of our student at Aptos High School is a loss that impacts each of us profoundly and raises many emotions, concerns, and questions for our students, families, staff and community. As we move forward each day, our collective commitment is to support students, families, staff and administration dealing with grief, concerns about safety and other difficult feelings. Our District is mobilizing extensive resources and services to support and care for our community by listening, protecting, and connecting. We are in continuous communication with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office and will update our educational community as soon as information becomes available in the coming days and weeks. We urge anyone with additional information or video to contact Detective Sergeant Burnett at 831-454-7702 at the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office.

School-based Crisis and Grief Counseling Supports

Beginning Friday, September 3rd, the Aptos High School community will be supported by school, District and community-based counseling staff, mental health clinicians and psychologists. These professionals will provide ongoing and in-the moment crisis and grief counseling for individuals and in group settings. Students and staff may express many different emotions and feelings and the amount of time it may take for each person to process their feelings and emotions varies widely, therefore students, families and staff can expect the site-based support will continue in the weeks and months to come. The plan is to allow this support to take place in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. We have learned from the National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement that following a death on their campus, adolescents are an especially vulnerable group with an increased risk of feeling depressed or anxious and have the potential to engage in self-blame or guilt related to the death. Students and staff are likely to experience some feelings of guilt after a death, even if there is no logical reason for it.

We recognize the impact on our whole staff and community; supports and resources are being shared with Aptos High School in preparation for students’ return to school on Friday, September 3rd. We are aware that all schools are experiencing the impact of this loss and supports for school sites are being implemented.

Community-based Crisis and Grief Counseling Supports

To support all our students, families and staff, District and community partners are providing crisis and grief counseling at two Cabrillo College locations, at the Aptos Campus, 100 Building and at the Watsonville Campus, Building A, from 8 AM to 5 PM. Anyone may contact Pajaro Valley Prevention and Student Assistance at 728-6445 or the Santa Cruz County Mental Health Department at 454-4170 for additional counseling support.

School-based Safety and Security Supports

The ongoing safety and security of students and staff on campus is a critical priority. Beginning on Friday September 3rd, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office will have deputies on campus at Aptos High School. We have received an outpouring of concern around campus safety and will continue to listen and seek a model of staffing and support that is responsive to the needs of our community. We know that when students, families and our community feel safe that they are able to engage and have a positive school experience. 

This incident has brought up the topic of school safety, in particular, School Resource Officers (SROs) within our schools. A Special Board Meeting has been scheduled for September 15th at 6pm to discuss the presence of SROs within PVUSD. The Board meeting will take place in the District Office Boardroom. Special Board Meetings begin at 6pm.  

Home-based Supports

We know families are having difficult, unprecedented conversations with their students at this time. Some recommendations for navigating these discussions include: 

  • Answer questions simply and honestly, clearing up any confusion students may have about what happened. 
  • Let your student know that they are not alone in their reactions to the event.
  • Provide opportunities for your student to talk, draw, and play, but don’t force it.
  • Talk to your student about what is being done by the school, the District, our community, and law enforcement to keep everyone safe from harm. 
  • Watch for anything in the environment that could re-traumatize your student. 
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for bullying activity.
  • Maintain daily routines, activities, and structure with clear expectations, consistent rules, and immediate feedback; limit unnecessary changes. 
  • Limit and monitor access to media reports and video footage that shows disturbing scenes of the event. 
  • Encourage students to “take a break” from the crisis, focus on activities unrelated to the event. Find ways for your students to feel helpful to their peers, the school, and the community. 

Aptos High School Educational Community Forum and Live Stream

We will hold a Community Virtual and Live Stream Forum tomorrow, Thursday, September 2nd, at 7:30pm to update Aptos High School students, families and staff and provide information about what to expect in the upcoming days and weeks. The Forum will host a panel to include Sheriff Hart from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, Peggy Pughe, Aptos High School  Principal, Eric Ochoa, PVPSA Behavioral Health Director, Jennifer Holm, PVUSD Board President, and myself.  

Zoom link (up to a participation limit of 500):

Live Stream link (unlimited participation):

Pajaro Valley Unified School District Community Forum and Live Stream

On Tuesday, September 7th at 6:00pm, PVUSD will hold a Community Virtual and Live Stream Forum to address our loss, the collective impact and the health and safety resources we have for our students, families, staff and community. Please join us.  

Zoom link (up to participation limit of 500):

Live Stream link (unlimited participation):

I want to express deep appreciation for our Aptos High School and District staff as well as the community agencies and partners who were at our side yesterday, are at our side again today and will continue to be in the days to come.

With care, concern and love, 


Dr. Michelle Rodriguez, Superintendent of Schools

En Español:

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