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Product Standards

See the purchasing department for more information

  • HP Computer and Printer Pricing from Sehi Computer Products Inc.
  • HP Printer Pricing from NWN Corporation
  • Macintosh Computer Pricing from Apple Inc. (Educational) Contact the Purchasing Department at 786-2195 to request a quote with district standards.
  • Projector/Document Camera/Microscope/AV from Troxell Communications Inc.
  • Adobe Licenses from Sehi Computer Products Inc. 

Technology Cost Calculator (updated 11/3/17) (Fin2000 Templates)

This spreadsheet includes Estimate Costs with Tax included (All Prices Subject to Change) for HP Desktop Computers & Monitors, HP Notebook/Laptop Computers, HP Printers, Apple Desktop Computers, Apple Notebook/Laptop Computers, Apple iPads, iPad Carts, Smart Boards, Document Cameras, Carts, Headphones and Headsets, LCD Projector.