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Report Classified Absence

All CSEA Classified Staff is now required to report their absences in SmartFind Express. 

 Absences will no longer be accepted via the google form, department voicemail, or email. 

 Paper absence forms will also no longer be in use. 

As a reminder, this switch to an electronic reporting system was ratified by CSEA (Article IX, I.1) and requires that employees report an absence "at least 1 hour prior to the start of the employee's shift"

setting up your account

1. You will receive an email from SmartFind Express with your Access ID & Temporary Passcode

2. Call +18317408948 to register your account with the above information

reporting an absence

Agency & Limited-Term Staff

Employees contracted as limited-term (subs) or through an agency will not have access to the SmartFind Express system (above). Instead, these staff should report absences via the form linked below.