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Risk & Safety Management

Risk and Safety Management oversees the health and safety of all district students and employees.  




ENGLISH                     SPANISH

Field Trip Authorization Form Student Field Trip Permission Form Actividad y Formulario de Autorización
Certificate of Insurance Student Water Activity Permission Form Actividades en el Agua y Formulario de Autorización
Non-Paid Volunteers Student Driver Transportation Waiver Acuerdo Voluntario de Transportación de Alumnos
Student Accident Report Parent Transportation Waiver Hoja de Declinación de los Padres a Transportación
Incident Report Overnight Field Trip Behavior Contract Contrato de Viajes para Padres y Alumnos


Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

Chaperone Form Chaperone Form (Español)

Short Term Insurance

Volunteer Driver Form Volunteer Driver Form (Espanol)

IPM Plan 19-20

IPM Plan 20-21

IPM Plan 21-22

Employee Driver Form

Employee Driver Form (Espanol)
District Office Emergency Operations Plan


Student Insurance Pamphlet & Coverage Form

Student Insurance Pamphlet & Coverage Form (Spanish)
Heat Illness Prevention Program Voluntary Participation Student Insurance Voluntary Participation Student Insurance (Spanish)
  Parent Authorization Emergency Medical Treatment Parent Authorization Emergency Medical Treatment (Spanish)



2022-23 Meeting Dates

2021-22 Meeting Dates

Mission Statement and Goals

Dates Agendas Hand-outs Minutes
5-18-22 Agenda   Minutes
3-16-22 Agenda   Minutes


Agenda   Minutes


Agenda   Minutes
9-15-21 Agenda   Minutes


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