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Tech Academies

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What is it?

PVUSD’s Technology Innovation Coaches are bringing professional development opportunities to your site or via Google Meet! Choose a Tech Academy from our menu of options (below), and learn how to integrate that technology into your curriculum.  The tech coaches will work with teachers at your site to provide you and your colleagues with the PD to learn how to use the technology, and then be with you in the classroom while you learn to integrate it into your curriculum.  The time required to complete each Tech Academy may vary depending on the topic.  Teachers that complete a Tech Academy will receive paid subscriptions to the EdTech tools used in the Tech Academy they have completed.

 Here are some examples of Student Technology Projects from last year's Tech Academies.

How do I sign up?

Group up with some teachers at your site, or sign up on your own.  Decide on a time to have a 30 minute introductory meeting with the Tech Coach.  During this meeting we will discuss the logistics of the Academy, including deciding on dates for the professional development.  The Academies require professional development time with the Tech Coaches (Wednesdays, release time, or out of contract time (supplemental pay provided)- you choose), and the Tech Coaches will then support you while you use the technology with your students (model lessons, co-teaching, background support- again, you choose).  Interested?  Just complete this form and we will connect with you by email to schedule a date and time for the 30 minute introductory meeting.  Prior to requesting an Academy, we recommend that you talk with your administrators to prevent scheduling conflicts on collaboration days, etc.

Tech Academy Menu 2021-22
This year's Tech Academies focus on EdTech Digital Tools.  Subscriptions will be provided to teachers where applicable.
Coding Online/Offline:
Flipped Classroom:

Description: Increase student engagement and learning during in-person instruction by harnessing the power of video to make your direct instruction available to students on-demand! This academy will help you develop a library of quality instructional and supplemental videos and a plan for making them accessible to your students. Additionally, you will learn how to optimize your contact moments with students to zoom in on the application and deeper processing of the learning material. 

Example Tools: YouTube, Screencastify, WeVideo, Explain Everything, EdPuzzle, Flipgrid, Google Classroom, Pear Deck, Padlet, Hyperdocs, Powtoons, MySimpleShow

Digital BreakoutEDU:

Bring the challenge of an escape room to the classroom to captivate students in learning through gamified content.  In this Academy, you will learn how to facilitate digital “Breakout” games that enhance learning, build collaboration skills, foster creative problem solving, and bolster your resilient community of learners.   BreakoutEDu is a wonderful way to introduce material, review curriculum, and leverage the fun factor in your classroom.  Upon completion of this Academy, you will receive a 12-month subscription to access over 900 lessons.

Showcasing Student Learning:

Showcasing student work not only provides an opportunity to learn from each others’ perspectives, but also cultivates empathy, respect, and a strong sense of classroom community. In this Academy you will learn a variety of tools to help your students share their learning through creating videos, digital story books,  digital posters and more. The tools we will explore are versatile and can apply to any content and grade level. You’ll be amazed at how creative, collaborative and communicative your students can be!


Creating podcasts in the classroom is an engaging way to strengthen skills in research, writing, communication, and collaboration.  This Academy will show you everything you need to know to lead your students through introducing, planning, recording, and publishing their own podcasts!  *Minimum of 3 hours PD time required

Innovative Foreign Language Instruction:

Are you looking for fun and innovative ways for students to practice and build their language skills?  In this Academy, you will learn about a variety of tools that you and your students can use to create multimedia projects, review new vocabulary through digital games, opportunities for collaboration across the globe, language learning apps and websites, tools for translation, and more!  *Minimum of 1 hour PD time required

Stop Motion:

Students can use stop motion to retell a story, explain a historical event, show math concepts and so much more! In this Academy you will learn how to create a stop motion animation movie using the equipment you already have on-site.  From the initial step of storyboarding to the final phase of publishing the finished movie, this Academy will give you all the tools and know-how to have your students create their own stop motion movies.  *Minimum of 3 hours PD time required.

EdTech Tools to Gamify Learning:

Learn how to boost student engagement, learning, and collaboration through gamification with programs such as Quizizz, Gimkit, Blooket, and more!  Empower students to create their own gamified study tools to take charge of their learning and share what they've learned with others. *Minimum of 1 hour PD time required 


Tech Academy Refresher Menu:


Did you participate in one of the Tech Academies below, but need a refresher?  Or do you have one of these kits at your site and want to learn how to use the equipment and get ideas for how to use it with your class?  If so, sign up for one of our Refresher courses.

Coding with Robots and Online:  Learn to promote critical thinking skills by integrating coding activities into your curriculum.  (Make sure that your site has coding equipment before signing up for this Tech Academy, such as Ozobots or Dash Robots)  Curriculum guide website  

Video Production:  Learn to use video editing software and filming tools such as a green screen to have you and your students create videos to support their learning in any content area.  (Before signing up, make sure that your site already has a Video production kit that includes mini-iPads, green screen, and more)  Curriculum guide website  

Breakout EDU:  Bring the challenge of an escape room to the classroom to engage students in learning through gamified content.  Students solve clues to break open physical and/or digital locks.  (Make sure your site already has Breakout Kits before signing up for this Tech Academy.  Upon completion of this Tech Academy, participants will receive 12-month subscriptions to access over 900 lessons.)  Curriculum guide website  


Resources From Previous Tech Acadmies


Have more questions?  Then contact one of the Technology Innovation Coaches below.

Melissa Shaw


Janie Islas


Kate Freels