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2018-19 Tech Academies

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Stay tuned for more information on Tech Academies for the 2019-2020 school year. 

See our Summer Institute flyer below for available Coding and Video Academies this summer!

Summer Technology Institute Flyer

What is it?

PVUSD’s Technology Innovation Coaches are now bringing professional development opportunities to your site! Choose a Tech Academy from our menu of options (below), and learn how to integrate that technology into your curriculum.  The tech coaches will work with your site for about 4 weeks to provide you and your colleagues with the PD to learn how to use the technology, and then be with you in the classroom while you learn to integrate it into your curriculum.  For example, the Coding Academy listed below requires 8 hours of PD time with the Tech Coach outside of the classroom, and then assistance in the classroom for at least one lesson with a Tech Coach.  And the best part? Once you’re done, your site will get to keep whatever technology is associated with your Academy (think coding robots, video production tools, etc).  See the flyer here.

How do I sign up?

3 or more teachers at your site decide as a group which Academy they would like to participate in.  The group of teachers will need to decide on a time to have a 30 minute introductory meeting with the Tech Coach.  During this meeting we will discuss the logistics of the Academy, including deciding on dates for the professional development.  The Academies require professional development time with the Tech Coaches (Wednesdays, release time, supplemental pay (if out of contract time)- you choose), and the Tech Coaches will then support you while you use the technology with your students (model lessons, co-teaching, background support- again, you choose).  Interested? Tell your principal today!  Principals will need to complete this form to register for a Tech Academy, which will include reporting your date and time for the 30 minute introductory meeting.

Tech Academy Menu:

All academies require a minimum of 3 teachers.

Academy: PD time required:

Productivity:  Become proficient with productivity tools such as Google Drive, Calendar, Gmail, Google Classroom, and parent communication tools. *Minimum of 2 teachers for this Academy.  Curriculum guide

Recommended level: Novice- Intermediate

Approx. 2 hours/ topic     

Coding:  Learn to promote critical thinking skills by integrating coding activities into your curriculum.  Upon completion of this Academy, your site will get to keep the devices used in the coding activities based on your grade-level (Ozobots or Dash Robots)  Curriculum guide

Recommended level: Novice- Advanced

8 hours + lesson in classroom

Video Production:  Learn to use video editing software and filming tools such as a green screen to have you and your students create videos to support their learning in any content area.  Upon completion of this Academy, you will get to keep a video production kit which includes mini-iPads, green screen, and more!  Curriculum Guide

Recommended level: Intermediate- Advanced

8-12 hours + lesson in classroom

Multimedia Projects:  Learn to use tools such as screencasting, Google slides, and more so you and your students can create multi-media projects and presentations that enhance their learning in all content areas.  Curriculum guide

Recommended level: Novice-Intermediate (or completed the Productivity Academy)

8 hours + lesson in classroom
*We will no longer be providing a Virtual Reality Academy.  However, you can check out a Google Expeditions kit, and/or the 360 degree cameras using our STEM Kits Request Form.  See our Virtual and Augmented Reality website for help docs and ideas.  



Have more questions?  Then contact one of the Technology Innovation Coaches below.

Janie Islas